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DEBORAH PERKINS, March 28/2:30


Landscaping for Wildlife

Seminar Topic: Intelligent Tinkering: How to Boost Biodiversity in the Home Landscape

Come listen and discover:
✓ Gain a deeper understanding of what biodiversity really means – in
the ecological context of your garden, backyard, and beyond.
✓ Learn how to protect and improve biodiversity for a more resilient
landscape in the face of climate change and other environmental
✓ Discover ways to “intelligently tinker” in your own landscape to
meaningfully help struggling wildlife populations like native bees and songbirds.

Deborah Perkins:

Deborah Perkins is a wildlife ecologist with 25 years of experience and a lifelong commitment to wildlife conservation. As “The Personal Ecologist” and the owner of First Light Wildlife Habitats, Deb partners with eco-minded landowners to create thriving wildlife habitats in their backyards, gardens, fields and farms, woods, or campuses – at any scale. Deb’s infectious enthusiasm and dynamic speaking style leave people feeling inspired, hopeful, and ready to take action.