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Exhibitor and Vendor Refunds



A Message to our Exhibitors – Thank you for being a part 2020 Maine Flower Show. As you know, we had to cancel the show due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. The health and safety of you and our guests are of the utmost importance. As disappointed as you are, that disappointment is even greater for us. Members of the Maine Landscape & Nursery Association have invested literally thousands of hours preparing for this show.

We have also invested well over $100,000 dollars in “sunk costs” – costs which we are not able to recover, nor put towards future shows. On the other hand, we are morally obligated to return nearly every single dollar of income to date. This includes yours. This has placed us in financial peril.

I will lay bare the financial facts. As of March 13 when we canceled, we had limited funds in our account from the 2020 MFS – nearly 2/3 of our budgeted income is from at-the-door ticket sales. If everyone demands their refund, we will need to pay out significantly more than we have on hand.

To do that would cause the death of all future Maine Flower Shows – and your opportunity to thrive at future shows. If everyone demands their refunds now, everyone will get about 20% of the money they have paid in.

We are planning on proceeding with the 2021 Maine Flower Show. However, we must recover our 2020 debt for a 2021 show to be feasible.

The Maine Flower Show is diligently working to raise the money to pay off all obligations–including your refund. Many advanced ticketholders have donated the cost of their ticket, instead of taking a refund. We will shortly unveil plans to market a “No Go” ticket, where people can purchase a ticket to not attend the 2020 MFS, thereby ensuring the continuation of future shows.

We will also be pursuing government grants and loans to help recover our debt.

We are asking you to consider how you may help ensure future Maine Flower Shows. Please select from the following options:


Select one:

Leave your 2020 booth funds in place with the Maine Flower Show. This would be considered an interest free loan and it would serve as payment in full for your exact same booth in your exact same spot for 2021. The MFS will also send you a list of vacated spots, if you desire to change locations. Your booth costs for 2021 will be locked in at 2020 prices. We will create a vendor page where we will put links to your business' online stores. If you opt for a refund, we will not give you the free link. In the event the 2021 show does not proceed, you will be refunded.
Leave half the cost of your booth with us. This would guarantee placement in the 2021 MFS. However, you would be subject to any price increases. You would get preferred placement over any new applicants.
Leave a portion of the funds as an interest free loan. Please refund the rest. Again, you would be subject to any price increases. You would be guaranteed a spot in the 2021 show and get preferred placement over any new applicants.
Take full refund, understanding this will mean you will be considered along with every other new applicant for the 2021 show, at the increased prices.


We will begin sending refunds, at the percentage of funds we have on hand, every 2 weeks beginning April 17. Example: If we have $30,000 on hand for refunds and total refunds are $100,000, then everyone will receive 30% of their refund requested. We will reallocate every 2 weeks as we raise money to pay our debts, until all money is refunded.

Please submit the above form by April 15.


Donald Sproul

Executive Director

Maine Landscape & Nursery Association