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Horticulturalist, Maine Department of Agriculture

Seminar Topic: Finding Common Ground In Pursuit of Sustainable Landscaping

Most landscape professionals have similar goals: happy customers, beautiful plantings, and a healthy environment. This presentation seeks to broaden the dialog among landscape professionals who share these goals and to encourage all landscape professionals to work together to establish a new meaning for the term sustainable landscaping.

Gary Fish:

Degree: B.S. Forest and Wildlife Management from University of Maine, College of Forest Resources in 1982
Experience: State Horticulturist for over three years. Manager, Pesticide Programs for Board of Pesticides Control for 28 years. Off and on practicing Licensed Professional Forester since 1985, Kents Hill Forestry Services, 10 year member and former Chairman of Arborist Examining Board, Worked as horticulturist for Chemlawn Sevices Corporation for 5 years.
Personal: Entomologist from birth and was inspired to love plants by my Mother who always grew beautiful roses and rock gardens. I am also a landscape and nature photographer.