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Irene Brady Barber

– Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens –

Seminar Topic: Gardening with Ease

Date & Time: March 31, 3:00pm

This talk will address the opportunities, including design strategies and methods, of how to reduce pain and create more ease while gardening.  People receive many benefits from gardening, including increased positive emotions, physical exercise, and sustained or improved healthy brain functioning. However, gardening can become challenging when physical ability is limited or the amount of work to do becomes overwhelming.  Irene Barber, Registered Horticultural Therapist and horticulture educator at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens will highlight specific ergonomic tools, design dimensions, elevated garden features, among other methods that will help gardeners extend one’s ability and enjoyment while they garden.


Irene Brady Barber is a Horticulture Program Coordinator, Educator and Registered Horticultural Therapist at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay, Maine.  Mrs. Barber is passionate about connecting people back to nature through education, landscape design and Horticultural Therapy.  Her degrees in Horticulture and Communications and now a Registered Horticultural Therapist Professional through the American Horticultural Therapy Association provide a strong foundation for the continued efforts Irene pursues towards informing people how critical plants and nature are for current and future human wellbeing.  “We are not separate from nature, rather very much a part of it.”