The 201​8 ​Maine ​Flower Show Is Seeking ​Volunteers.

Thursday March ​22, 201​8 through Sunday ​March 25, 201​8.

For each 4 hour shift as a volunteer receive a Show Volunteer T-Shirt.  A certificate can be provided if you need to submit one to work/school/Master Gardener to get credit for your volunteerism.

Possible Volunteer Tasks:

Volunteers help us with the people part of the show!

  • Hang Posters prior to the show
  • Help set up before the show

During the Show:

  • Front Door — sell tickets, take tickets, stamp hands
  • Exhibitor Entrance — check exhibitors in and out
  • Emergency Exit Doors — help us man 3 Emergency Exits.  You are welcome to bring a book or knitting, or project or friend! 
  • People’s Choice Voting — pass out ballots, collect ballots, count ballots
  • Vendor Support—assist exhibitors, cover a booth so they get a break, deliver them drinks, snacks, lunch
  • Wandering Ambassador — be out in the crowd and available to show attendees (sometimes exhibitors) to help give directions, answer questions
  • Lecture Hall — help attendees in and out, pass out handouts, assist lecturer with any needs
  • Help with collections for Good Shepherd Food Bank
  • Plant Something! Booth — help man the booth to pass out information, seeds, and sign people up on the mobile app
  • Golf Cart Driver — drive a golf cart around the Thompson’s Point Parking Lot to help shuttle attendees and gear from their cars to the front doors.  (Rain or Shine or Crazy Snowstorm!)

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us to indicate how you’d like to help out at the show based on the needs outlined above. Also, tell us your T-shirt size!

For more information, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Kerry Ratigan at, ratigankerry@gmail.com.